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Mouth Guards

Whether you’re playing contact sports, want to minimise the risk of dental trauma injuries, or are sick of using generic, over the counter mouthguards, contact us to discuss your custom-fitted mouthguard options.

What’s wrong with an ‘over the counter’ mouthguard?

These mouthguards are often fairly comfortable, and definitely having one is better than not using a mouthguard at all! These generic mouthguards do carry risks, due to their non-customised nature:

  • they can be too short: It is easy to get mouthguards to cover the teeth, but not having complete coverage to the full gum height over all the teeth can increase the chance of a tooth root fracture, or worse a jaw bone fracture
  • they can be dislodged: often there is inadequate suction pressure over the entire mouthguard,  leading to movement and risk of tooth and jaw damage
  • less able to withstand forces when there is contact to the mouth and teeth

A mouthguard that’s customised to fit only your teeth, by far offers the best protection against damage to your teeth, gums and jaws.

Available in a range of colours and colour combinations to suit your preference.

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