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Straighten Teeth Without Braces

The truth is that not many of us are born with naturally straight, even teeth that we’re happy with.

Crowded teeth can cause issues for many reasons. Teeth that are crowded are always much harder to keep clean, and patients may find they regularly develop dental decay and gum disease. Due to the crowding, some teeth may have traumatic damage to teeth due to the unevenness in the bite. For many, the crowded teeth can be ‘unsightly’ and something they’ve accepted.

If you are otherwise happy with the shape and size of your teeth, orthodontically correcting the crowding can improve the function, ease of cleaning and aesthetics in your smile.

A lot of people expect a discreet and more advanced option to straighten teeth. One that is easier to keep clean and live with, and doesn’t impact on their professional or social lives.

The INVISALIGN system to align teeth is the ideal alternative to metal braces.

As certified Invisalign providers, we have helped patients achieve straight, functional teeth with happy smiles. See the team at Richmond Smiles Dental for a complimentary Invisalign consult to decide if this option is best suited for you.

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