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Missing Teeth

Have you lived with a missing tooth or teeth?

Patients with missing teeth sometimes adapt to chewing and function with the remaining teeth. However, these can lead to many new problems:

1) Cracked teeth and fillings

Teeth are designed to work in harmony and balance.  When a tooth is missing, there is more stress and pressure on the remaining teeth. In many cases, this exceeds what the tooth is designed to cope with. This increased stress can result in cracked teeth and fillings.

2) Collapse in bite

Teeth that once supported each other begin to collapse into the missing tooth space. For back teeth, they can lean forward horizontally, or opposing teeth can migrate up or down into the space. It can also be impossible to brush well because these teeth are moving at different angles and positions.

3) Pain

Losing teeth often puts extreme stress in the jaw joints on one or both sides. Consequently, there may be pain when opening, chewing, and also headaches and neck aches

4) Loss of facial balance

Having our teeth supports good facial profile, and missing teeth can lead to a ‘sunken’ appearance in our cheeks and lips. This can lead to wrinkles and an aged appearance.

Missing teeth can be replaced by long term treatment options

Fixed prosthetic options feel as strong and natural as a normal tooth. Importantly, you are able to speak, eat and taste foods as you would with a normal tooth.

Dental Bridge

These are fixed to the teeth adjacent to the space, and we team with a ceramicist to ensure the finish is naturally lifelike.

Dental Implant

Dental implants are a technologically advanced option to replace a tooth. A long-lasting dental crown is hand made and designed to fit onto an implant support.

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