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Headaches and Jaw Tension

Do you experience headaches, migraines, neck or shoulder pain? Do you wake up feeling tired?

These are signs that may indicate an active clenching or grinding habit, and this can happen so quickly it’s imperceptible. In addition, there is immense pressure on the jaw joint and tension in the muscles that can be felt as far as the head, neck and shoulder region. Teeth may also chip and break due to the pressure.

Clenching at night can limit how well you sleep

This can mean that you wake up feeling tired and have trouble concentrating during the day time.

Several factors may contribute to clenching and grinding:

  • stress
  • alcohol and caffeine consumption
  • medical conditions and medications
  • present as part of an underlying sleep apnoea condition.

What do I need?

  • making a custom-designed protective splint or guard to prevent further damage
  • fillings if there are small chipped teeth
  • porcelain crowns for severely damaged teeth
  • if sleep apnoea is suspected, we will also complete a comprehensive history and risk assessment

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