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Dental Anxiety

Do you feel anxious at the thought of coming to the dentist?

For many, past experiences can cause so much fear that they put off having their problems fixed and treatment they’ve desired – and that’s perfectly normal.

At Richmond Smiles Dental, we pride ourselves not only on exceeding our patients’ expectations but also that the journey is comfortable and stress-free.

We are proud to offer the following options to minimise the number of visits needed, and make them more comfortable:

1) Noise-reduction headphones are available to zone out to your favourite music or watch the latest shows and movies.

2) Stress relieving medication

By taking a prescribed effective and safe medication, patients find they are much more relaxed even before they come in to see us.

3) Happy gas

We are certified to provide Nitrous oxide in a safe environment. This makes treatment virtually pain-free yet patients are able to remain awake.

Each of us have our own concerns and fears that are entirely valid. We commit to taking the time to listen without judgment and to understand all your concerns.

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