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It’s incredible the difference a white smile can make. Elevate Dental Richmond has made it even easier to achieve it.

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You might be staining your teeth without even realising it.

So many of us know the common culprits for staining and yellowing teeth. Smoking is not only bad for your lungs, skin and organs, but also stains the teeth (and even your fingers and fingernails!). Likewise, you might also know red wine and your regular espresso are top causes for discoloured teeth, but were you aware tea, blueberries and other foods and drinks high in natural tannins (an organic compound) are also to blame for less than pearly whites?

Unfortunately for some, your diet and lifestyle aren’t always to blame for yellowed or stained teeth. A discoloured smile can also be caused by trauma, certain medications or medical treatments, and sometimes just genetics. When you come to Elevate Dental for teeth whitening services, we ensure your history and lifestyle is taken into account when we recommend treatments.

Your comprehensive teeth whitening solutions at Elevate Dental

There’s a wide range of whitening treatments available… and a whole lot of promises!

At Elevate Dental, we’re dedicated to finding fro you the right whitening product that not only brightens your smile, but is safe for your mouth and teeth and keeps you comfortable and safe. For whitening, we choose Zoom! Whitening, the #1 patient requested teeth whitening sytem in Australia. This tooth-friendly advanced formula is available as an in-clinic treatment which provides up to eight shades of brightening, or as a simple use-at-home option for casual, gradual whitening over time.

What’s the right teeth whitening choice for me?

What’s right for you depends on your desired outcome. From full Hollywood glam through to a subtle brightening, we can create a bespoke solution for you that fits with your smile goals.

How you want to whiten your smile is dependent on a range of factors, including your own personal preferences. It’s entirely up to you, and we are here to assist you with making the decision that works with your goals and lifestyle.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening withZoom!

Ever wanted to whiten your smile during your lunch break? Now you can, with our in-chair Zoom! Whitening system, which brightens up to eight shades!

To ensure a comfortable and ideal outcome, your Elevate Dental dentist will give your gums and teeth a quick check over to ensure they are healthy. Once approved, you can relax and enjoy the simple in-chair whitening process.

The Process:

  • Lips and gums are covered, allowing the active ingredient to focus on the teeth alone
  • The Zoom! Whitening gel is carefully applied to your teeth
  • Our advanced whitening lamp is focused on your teeth for fifteen minutes, activating the gel and delivering maximum results. While this is happening, you’ll be kicking back, checking out what’s on netflix or listening to music.
  • After fifteen minutes of light therapy a simple sensitivity reducing formula is applied to your teeth to help prevent and reduce any treatment sensitivity.
  • This 15 minute process is repeated three to four more times to ensure best results. While this treatment cannot change the colour of the tooth itself, you can expect to see the lightness of your colour improved up to 8 shades.

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Your Zoom! Take Home whitening kit

If the idea of whitening in-chair isn’t right for you, a personalised at-home whitening kit may be right up your alley. We also find our in-chair whitening clients love this option as a maintenance between visits to keep that smile bright. Now you can chill out while improving your smile with a dentist approved formula. 

Part of the professional process is creating a unique mould of your teeth, with your dentist then uses to create a mouthguard. The advanced whitening solution is then applied to this mouthguard, which you wear for the instructed time and safely gradually whitens your teeth when followed correctly. You can look forward to brighter teeth in as little as seven days!

Which whitening treatment is right for me?

If you’re not sure which option is better for you, you can call one of our friendly team members to discuss your questions and concerns. Contact us here.

Dramatic results, up to 8 shades lighter x
A gentle, gradual whitening x
Sensitive Teeth Friendly x x
Safe and Effective x x
Express treatment x

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